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Aug 31,  · Home Movies 03X05 - Compañia de cuatro - Audio Latino (parte ) Adult Swim Series y comerciales(CN Latinoamerica) (DreamWorks FAILED Adult Cartoon) - . I blame the late time slot on Adult Swim. Anyways, more than a decade after its last DVD release, the Case Closed dub has found a new cast and publisher. It is returning with the movie length episode one remake in July, which is an excellent way for new fans to come on board.

Jul 13,  · Brendon Small was no stranger to Adult Swim. They’d been a savior to him when they’d saved Home Movies from UPN obscurity and cancellation, but the show ended in During this time, he began attending metal shows with his friend Tommy Blacha, a former writer for Conan, SNL’s TV Funhouse, and Da Ali G Show, and the former creative. Home Movies is an Animated Show that began on UPN, then moved to when the block premiered in (it was also the very first thing to air when the block launched). The show is a Spiritual Successor to Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist, which used the same "SquiggleVision", note the same "retroscripting" style of dialog, and much of the same cast. The main character is Brendon Small, and the.

May 31,  · "Home Movies" is the best of all Adult Swim shows, and when it was cancelled Cartoon Network instantly lost a large percentage of their more intelligent viewers. The show has the ability to amuse with subtlety better than any other cartoon I have ever seen, and this season is one of the finest/5(91). Jun 13,  · Home Movies (–) Loren Bouchard and Brendon Small’s squiggly cartoon was axed after only a handful of episodes on UPN, but Swim had the good sense to pick it up.

Home Movies is an American animated television series that was originally broadcast from April 26, , to April 4, Brendon Small served as co-creator, head writer and lead composer of the series. Loren Bouchard is the show's executive producer, director, writer, as well as co-creator. Brendon Small would later go on to help create the Adult Swim animated series Metalocalypse and co. Created by Loren Bouchard, Brendon Small. With Brendon Small, H. Jon Benjamin, Melissa Bardin Galsky, Ron Lynch. Brendon Small, an ambitious eight-year-old filmmaker, shoots movies in his basement with his two best friends, while coming to terms with adolescence, life, and relationships.