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Experience sharing meetings. Support to develop the disabled: Educational support to the disable students Eye camp Treatment supports Assistive device support for the people with disabilities Training program: Training of the household members to responsive of disabled. In Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kansas, Minnesota, and Michigan, people with intellectual disabilities, mental disabilities, and epilepsy were prevented from marrying due to a series of laws that were passed in the early 20th century. Other states used legislation prohibiting anyone they considered to have a “genetic defect” from marrying.

Jenipher ‘Jane’ Akinyi is a self advocate for persons with intellectual disabilities and a member of the Global Advisory Panel of the Disability Rights is an active member of Inclusion Africa and Inclusion International. She continues to champion the rights of persons with intellectual disabilities with the goal of equal rights for all, including the rights to independent living. Four Children's Training Centres (CTCs) were established in Nova Scotia in A major role of these centres was expressed as follows -"The goal of the Children's Training Centre is to have the children learn basic life skills such as feeding, dressing, and toilet training so they can eventually return to their homes or non-institutional.

A set of online video presentations from the July conference, State of the Science: Outcomes for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Experts in their fields discuss the most influential theories, principles, and "big ideas" that shape policy and practices in community supports for people with. Learning disabilities can have major impacts on a child’s life, because so much of a child’s life at home, school and with peers depends on learning. But the greatest impact is at school. Children and youth with difficulties reading and writing will need support in subjects .

In , 23 of the licensed facilities for people with disabilities (Nova Scotia does not keep records on facilities for people with intellectual disabilities specifically) had violations. The Beehive Adult Service Centre is a vocational training centre for people who have intellectual or developmental disabilities.