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The Ursa Major Award winning cover art is by Stephanie Stone a.k.a. Cybercat. The book is " x 8", has pages, and contains 23 pieces of art! The book's list price is US$ and it is available through Now available in various ebook formats for $ from Smashwords. Submissions to Chakat Visions Do you enjoy drawing other people's characters? If so, you are invited to submit your vision of a chakat or other taur to me for inclusion on this web page. I'd love to see this collection grow! However, I do reserve the right not to show art that I deem unsuitable. Please e-mail submissions to [email protected]

Submit your art. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. Status update. Adult-Artists. Cute-Furry-Girls. ImagesAnonymous. FurternityClub. Chakat Festival. By A-BlueDeer Watch. Favourites. 3 Comments. 1K Views. abd anime anthro boob boobs boy breast busty chest curvy digital female furries furry furryart gal girl. Welcome to The Chakat's Den TM. Here you will find stories, information, and art about that wonderful furry race: Chakats! But that's not all – the Den is home to all of Bernard “Goldfur” Doove's other stories and projects. BACKGROUND For the latest information about Chakats, check out .

A major part of The Chakat's Den is none other than my good mate Roy D. Pounds II, the California Kit Fox. I am delighted to be able to say that I am the creator and maintainer of his art archive. We will be presenting lots of his art, both old and new, for your viewing pleasure. Come, visit his den, e-mail him, or even buy a print or two! The following list is without thumbnails to slow down the loading of this page. If you want to see the much more detailed listing with thumbnails like the one on the right, and descriptions for all the images, just go to The Katlist.. The Katlist has been divided into four sections to limit the number of thumbnails that have to be downloaded at one time.

Chakat. Art by Goldfur. Chakats are a felinoid centauroid species once described as "Everybody's favourite over-perfected cat". but it does enable them to grasp objects. Adult heights range from about 5' to 5' 8" ( to metres), while their weight is between to lbs ( to kilograms). Life-span is around years. I got some new art with one of my lovely pets (Treya) showing a nice belly bulge for hir mistress. So I’m here, weird chakat person, thinking about how to stage the prison break of an entire generation. No Comments on New Sky Art; Got an artist at the Vancoufur Chvrch of Fvr Adult Dance to do a $5 commission of Sky. Love getting to.