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Jan 16,  · Love Birds. Tape small hearts to a table or a large piece of poster board prior to the game then put a bucket of rubber duckies at the end of the table.. Players have to race to slide Valentine’s Day rubber duckies from the end of the table (or poster board) to try to get them to land on the taped on hearts. As long as the rubber ducky is touching the heart, it counts. Aug 30,  · For Christians, Valentine’s Day has a special historical significance as a day to celebrate St. Valentine, the Christian saint of love. Christian Valentine’s Day parties are opportunities to get together with friends, family and significant others to share your .

Sep 29,  · Games for Christian couples at a Valentine's Day banquet are not only enjoyable, but draw on the elements of faith as well. Fruit of the Spirit Charades Write the fruit of the spirit from Galatians on heart-shaped cards, one on each card. Jul 14,  · For those who enjoy trivia games, doing a biblical-themed trivial game about love is perfect for a Valentine's Day party. Divide the group into two teams and ask questions concerning main couples in the Bible, what God says about love in the Bible and Jesus's teachings concerning love. The group to get the most questions right wins the game.

Sep 29,  · This game is like the Valentine's Day version of musical chairs, but instead of using chairs a heart will be substituted. The game's moderator will play a selection of music, and the game's participants will pass the heart around while the music plays. Once the music stops, the person “caught” with the heart will be out.