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Most people like playing in this game show format. Divide your group into teams and have them create questions to the answers displayed on the wall/screen. To create the game, list the amounts on cardstock (e.g. $, $, $, $) and the categories above those amounts. You will need 5 of each amount if you have 5 categories. Oct 07,  · Adult Ice Breaker Games for Classrooms, Meetings, and Conferences People Bingo. People Bingo is a popular ice breaker because it's easy to customize for your group and situation and even Marooned. This icebreaker works well to introduce people that don't know each other or build deeper.

Help adult students learn about well-known individuals in class by using a variation of the guessing game. For example, if you are in an arts class and need to remember artists and styles of work, a guessing game will allow students to interact and learn important facts about the artists being studied in class.