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adult dwarf rabbits - black dwarf white girl again

A dwarf rabbit’s craniofacial structure can cause snuffles-related breathing problems. Those small, shortened noses of dwarf rabbits can become more easily blocked with a case of the snuffles. Gastrointestinal stasis is another health issue common in all rabbits. GI stasis occurs when your rabbit’s digestive system functioning slows down or stops. Dwarf rabbits are little animals which even after turning adult, resemble babies. Belonging to the category of smallest domestic rabbits, dwarf rabbits are easy to domesticate though a little care on their diet and exercise is important. Dwarf rabbits are the smallest breed of domestic rabbits, which are said to have originated in Europe.

Netherland Dwarf Standard per ARBA. BODY: compact & short, well-rounded, with deep, wide shoulders which are equal to the width of the hindquarter. Topline of shoulder is to be deep and carried through to hindquarter which is equally as well-rounded. Legs are to be short & . Netherland Dwarf rabbits have rather large eyes compared to the rest of its compact body, which makes for a cute rabbit. They have short, small ears carried high on their head and their face is round and short. They reach an adult weight of lbs, which makes them look like a kit for the rest of their lives.