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adult egg layers for sale - TEENFIDELITY Kenzie Reeves Tight Teen is Not For Sale

These are hardy and energetic birds, ideal egg layers for any backyard or farm. They are a cross of Production Red male and a Rhode Island White Female. Production: Golden Comets are excellent laying birds, producing large or extra large brown eggs per year. They have been known to start laying as early as sixteen weeks of age. Adult Game Fowl & Water Fowl for Sale at Cackle Hatchery available for purchase Online & By Phone. View Our Full List of Grown Fowl by Clicking Here!

Our Brown Egg Layers area healthy cross between a White Rock egg-layer type female and a Rhode Island Red male. Sustained production peaks of months over 90% are the norm, producing eggs by 72 weeks of age on lbs. of feed per dozen eggs produced. Either way, what cannot be denied is that the Deathlayers do lay a large volume of medium-sized white eggs, and their remarkable appearance is like having visiting royalty in your chicken coop. They are a phenomenally active free-ranging breed and are sure to become a favorite with small-scale egg producers and backyard hobbyists.

She starts laying before other hens and will lay between lay between eggs per year. She is the reigning champ Delaware - This breed was developed in the state of Delaware by mixing Barred Rocks with white New Hampshires, resulting in a stately chicken with . Browse search results for laying hens Pets and Animals for sale in Louisiana. AmericanListed features safe and local classifieds for everything you need! Sarge Pit Bull Terrier Adult - Adoption, Rescue Sarge is a wonderful, protective boy, content to lay on the couch and watch t.v! I raise brown egg layers and Tinted Blue egg laying.

Shop for Adult Chickens at Stromberg's! With four generations of experience selling poultry we have great Juvenile Chickens for you! Join the Flock and Get 10% Off*. Adult Call Ducks Call Ducks are in high demand lately being one of the most sought after of duck breeds for duck enthusiasts today. They are very small and very cute in appearance, and their size and cuteness makes them perfect matches for small farms, small ponds, and backyard hobbyists. Call Ducks were originally developed and bred for hunting purposes, specifically as living 'duck decoys.