ADULT CINEMA (by tm) - adult high billirubin


adult high billirubin - ADULT CINEMA (by tm)

 · Sometimes, some of the fluids in the gallbladder can harden, causing small stones known as gallstones. These will need to be passed out through the digestive system. They can be extremely painful to pass and can result in a range of other symptoms. One of the symptoms associated with gallstones is high levels of bilirubin.  · High billirubin: Elevation of billirubin can be caused production. Accelerated breakdown of red blood cells. Accelerated breakdown of red blood cells. Liver disease one .

 · The prognosis in an adult with high bilirubin levels may range from good to poor, depending upon the underlying cause of the elevation. For example, most hepatitis A patients recover completely while patients with liver cancer or cirrhosis may have a poorer outcome.  · High levels of bilirubin in adults can signal towards many types of diseases related to liver, gallbladder, pancreas and red blood cells. The elevation in bilirubin levels can be caused by viral infection of liver, alcohol, taking medicines, gallstones, and infections of the .

Bilirubin is a yellow colored pigment that the liver produces when red blood cells are broken down and recycled. It is a byproduct that occurs after the breakdown of hemoglobin. The red blood cells in the body are constantly building and breaking down and as a result many by products are released as waste.