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adult maa - aan de maas

Medicaid for Adults (MAA) is for adults aged 65 and over. If eligible, full coverage will pay for most medical needs. Medicaid for the Blind (MAB) is for legally blind individuals. If eligible, full . mh maa implementation plan. table of contents. i. introduction 3 ii. mental health medi-cal administrative activities 5 iii. mental health medi-cal administrative activities claiming plan .

MAA Dose Calculations. According to the SNM Lung Scintigraphy Procedure Guidelines 1, "the usual adult administered activity [of MAA] is 40– MBq (1–4 mCi)."The guidelines also recommend "the number of particles should be in the range of ,–,, and freshly prepared Tc99m MAA . Adult Patients The recommended intravenous dose range for adult patients for lung imaging is 37 MBq to MBq (1 mCi to 4 mCi) and , to , particles of Technetium Tc 99m .