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Whether you’re spending New Year’s with your family, partner, friends, or alone, start the year off on the right foot with these New Year’s party ideas for older adults. Play party games: If you’re gathering with a group of people, party games are fun entertainment that bring everyone together. This New Year’s Eve Couples Game is not only super fun but completely cute as well! Thanks to Leah at January + May this card game is super cute and totally festive! Here’s how you play. There are 32 question cards in the deck— true or false, open-ended, and multiple choice.

Printable New Year’s Eve Word Search This free and family-friendly printable game features a tame assortment of festive words, so even young kids can get in on the search. This ready-made activity will be a hit with adults, too, once the mellowing effect of that last glass of . Add in that this free printable New Year’s game is family friendly, and this game is the perfect way to bring the adults and kids together to have some fun. Just make sure that the adults haven’t had too much to drink yet because some of the answers *could* get interesting depending on .

9 New Year's Eve games that can be played on Zoom You can still host party games on New Year even if you can't be together in person. Here are nine games to play virtually with friends and family. Print out the number of Adult New Year's I SPY Printable Game needed >>> GET IT HERE. Make sure the image is sized to fit an "x11" paper. Make sure the image is sized to fit an "x11" paper. Give each person playing a pen or pencil.

While staying home on New Year's Eve can be fun, it's also the perfect moment to slow down, reconnect, and reflect on the past 12 months. Dekeyser suggests sharing the three best moments you had. Happy New Year Match Game is an exciting activity that can keep seniors’ brains sharp and alert, boosting memory and staving off dementia or Alzheimer’s. Aging adults who are already beginning to experience cognitive challenges can benefit from professional caregivers who have been trained in effective methods of cognitive stimulation.