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Fortune Days Original Design 18 inch 1/4 Princess Dolls, Diary Queen Series 26 Joints BJD Doll, Best Gift Anime Toys for Girls (Teresa) out of 5 stars $ $ The dolls are made to specification and there are 10 female body types and 16 inter-changeable female faces. They are completely customizable, all the way down to the make up and fingernail colors. You can’t deny the skill involved in creating the Realdolls, but the tagline makes me want to .

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Laurie is a sweet looking blond teen sex doll. She has luscious silky blond hair and pretty eyes. Her skin is soft and very delicate. She will fulfill all your naughty fantasies. She is the perfect mini sex doll for starters. Height: cm/ 3 feet 2 inches cm/ 4 feet 1 inch. I understand that sex sells, but transforming crime fighting anime dolls into sex objects seems a bit outlandish. However, these Japanese figurines have been given a naughty makeover as they pose in provocative ways. It is clear that anime fans can vary in age, but what kind of message is being sent to young ones with these dolls that cater to.