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Adult leadership is provided by members of the Canadian Forces Reserve sub-component which is known as the Cadet Organization Administration and Training Service, which is composed mostly of officers of the Cadet Instructor Cadre (CIC) branch. Cadets may apply to become Officers or Instructors when they leave the Cadet program. Officers and Instructors of Cadets are the backbone of the ADF Cadets, along with parents and guardians and the wider community. Being an Officer and Instructor of Cadets is rewarding.

The Cadet Instructors Cadre (CIC) was founded on May 1, when the Canadian Army establishment of a "Corps of School Cadet Instructors (Militia)." Previously, a Special General Order issued on December 21, had allowed qualified male school teachers be appointed as a Second Lieutenant, and to be permitted to hold the rank as long as they remained an instructor and the Army Cadet . The ACF provides volunteering opportunities as instructors, mentors and helpers for our 39, cadets. The benefits of volunteering with the Army Cadet Force are varied, from learning new skills, meeting people, taking on challenges and gaining valuable experience. You do not need a military background and we will provide all the training you require.

The first authority for adult instructors of cadets to hold military rank was promulgated in a special order on 21 December While employed in service to the cadet organization, instructors of army cadets held the rank of second lieutenant in the Militia. On 1 May , these officers were organized into the Corps of School Cadet. Any qualified adult instructor may instruct and assess cadets in the APC navigation syllabus.

Army Cadet Force Adult Instructor Organisation: Army Cadet Force Location: Northern Ireland Job Type: Part time Salary: Travelling expenses are paid and you can earn up to 21 days’ pay each year for training at weekends, Annual Camp and attending courses. Contact: Tel: E-mail: [email protected] COMMON FACULTY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM – INSTRUCTOR COURSE STUDENT GUIDE TABLE OF CONTENTS Lesson 1: Course Introduction What is Army University Supposed to Do and How Is It Going So Far? Pg. 7. General Learning Outcomes White Paper Pg. Instructor Competencies Pg. Lesson 2: Fundamentals of Adult teaching and .