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Sep 04,  · Picking a neutral location makes things easier for the new puppy and your old dog. This way your old dog is less likely to see the new puppy as an intruder. For a location to be considered neutral, it must be someplace your old dog isn’t familiar with. 4some.xyz: Andi Andersen. Apr 01,  · The transition will have to be done slowly and taken step by step to ensure both your new pup and your cat feel comfortable at home. When first bringing your puppy home, you should separate the cat and puppy in adjacent rooms separated by a door. Your cat should have all the basic pet supplies (litter box, food, water, etc.).

Jan 20,  · Introducing a puppy to an older dog doesn’t have to be stressful. With a bit of planning and preparation, you can introduce your new puppy to any other dogs that already live with you, safely and calmly. The best puppy to dog introductions take place in an enclosed neutral area, with plenty of 4some.xyz: Liz London. Sep 08,  · First, consider the dogs you already have. “In my opinion, when you are looking to add a second dog to your home, first and foremost, you’ve got to look at your dog’s personality,” says Brad Author: Roxanne Hawn.

Mar 26,  · Bringing home a new puppy is incredibly exciting. Follow this checklist to make sure your puppy’s transition is a success. During the COVID pandemic, more people than ever are looking to add. Oct 11,  · Here are a few other things you may want to have on hand when you bring your new puppy home: A crate already set up at home. Pet-proofing around your home. A plan about house-training in place. Yes, there’s always puppy daycare and responsible dog walkers, but pups need to eliminate almost every 30 minutes. ID tags and licenses.