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claiming an adult dependent - Grandma claims: Fuck my ass!

Aug 22,  · A tax dependent is a child or relative whose characteristics and relationship to you allow you to claim certain tax deductions and credits, such as head of household filing status, the Child Tax. Feb 07,  · Do I count as an adult or a dependent to the IRS? The first stimulus payment sent out under the March CARES Act allocated up to $1, for qualifying American adults, and Author: Alison Denisco Rayome.

Nov 25,  · Is it required to have an IP PIN for each adult dependent that I claim? I have 4 adult dependents and zero children. 1. My son, 30 years old and disabled. 2. My oldest son, 35 years old and not working for a year. 3. His girlfriend, 35 years old and disabled. 4. Answer these 3 questions to find out if you can claim the amount for an eligible dependent.. Claim this amount if, at any time in the year, you supported an eligible dependant and their net income (that is indicated on line of their return, or the amount it would be if they filed a return) was less than your basic personal amount (or your basic personal amount plus $2,, if they were.

Jul 17,  · Dependents for taxes & health insurance. According to, if you can count someone as a dependent on your taxes, they’re also a dependent on your health insurance plan. What’s more, you are required to provide health insurance for anyone whom you claim as a tax dependent. For special needs families with an adult child 18 or older however, it is more complicated to determine if it is worth claiming the adult child as a dependent or not. Assuming the child qualifies for dependency (discussed below) one needs to considers the impact on not .

Dependent Adult Children. You can only claim a dependent exemption for select individuals over the age of 18 at the end of the tax filing year. If a permanently and totally disabled adult child. Jul 28,  · To qualify as a secondary dependent, the individual’s income, not including your contribution, must be less than one-half of the actual living expenses. The law requires the individual to be ‘in fact’ dependent on you, the service member. Your contribution must be more than one-half of the dependent’s actual monthly living expenses.