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The trick to crate training a pup, or even an adult dog, is to make the crate their favorite spot by creating a positive experience, showing them that not only is the crate fun, but safe too. Encourage your pup to associate feeding time with going into the crate. Pop his food bowl in the crate at mealtimes, and allow him to seek it out. Apr 13,  · Whatever the reason, crate training a dog is slightly different than crate training a puppy. Depending on the dog’s age, temperament and past experiences, the entire process can take weeks. Always remember to be patient and be positive, offering plenty of praise at every step. Crate training a dog should be done in small steps not rushed.

May 02,  · Choose the crate’s materials. “Airplane kennels” (a plastic crate with a metal door) or metal wire-type crates are typically the best — especially for a puppy or adult dog just starting their crate training. These materials are typically sturdier and easier to . Nov 18,  · Crate Training an Adult Dog Teaching your old dog new tricks is easier than you expect because older dogs can stay focused for longer periods of time on what you’re teaching them to do. However, crate training an adult dog takes more time than training a puppy, especially when you need to reshape some old behavior or modify your dog’s schedule.

Crate training for adult dogs. Home; Pet Care Advice; For adult dogs or older puppies that have not been crate trained previously, set up the crate in the dog's feeding area with the door open for a few days. Place food, treats, and water in the crate so that the dog enters the crate on their own. Another alternative is to place the crate (or. Crate training an adult dog is not really do much different to training to puppy, but you have to remember and allow for the fact that the dog is fully grown, possibly coming with behavioral issues as a result of poor training or negative treatment in their history, that you will need to help them overcome.

Dec 10,  · Crate Training Your Adult Dog. The following is a program by which older dogs can be introduced or even reintroduced to crates as a place of refuge. The goal is to systematically desensitize the dog by making the crate appear as benign as possible. If you just adopted a dog from a shelter, rescue group, or other organization, congratulations! Dogs adopted from a dog shelter or animal rescue can make wonderful pets. No matter the reason they landed in the shelter, with a little time, patience and training, shelter dogs can become happy, well-adjusted family members.