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marc jacobs condom - AgedLovE Camilla Crampie and Marc Kaye Hardcore

MARC JACOBS. SHOP THE LOOKS THE MARC JACOBS FEATURED. PEANUTS® X MARC JACOBS MAGDA ARCHER X THE MARC JACOBS Valentine's Day Gifts Personalize Your Traveler Tote Spotted: Leopard Print The Medallion Jewelry Collection The Mask Collection Mix and Match Straps THE SNAPSHOT The Collaborations THE COLLECTION NEW ARRIVALS. . Xxoo Marc Jacobs” If it’s authentic or not, I guess only the buyer could tell. As I remember, you can sell just about anything on eBay, counterfeit or not. Just imagine one day Marc Jacobs will legally pursuit eBay for having permitted transactions with fake Marc Jacobs condoms! I say that a MJ condom is an authentic one only if it has Bob.

Marc Jacobs’ “Remember, safety first! xxoo” Condoms Fashion enthusiasts may remember listings of Marc Jacobs-branded condoms that surfaced on eBay back in Coming with designer’s special message, “Remember, safety first! xxoo, Marc Jacobs,” the condoms were available for $ USD apiece at the time on the e-commerce platform. Marc Jacobs condom. Yes, it's blue. Yes, it matches his hair. (When his hair was blue, at least.) It even comes with a handwritten note that says: Remember, Safety First! xxoo, Marc Jacobs.

Marc Jacobs released a line of colored condoms in his stores a decade ago and last summer, Alexander Wang and Trojan collaborated to create limited-edition “Protect Your Wang” darlings. Regardless of where you buy them from, make sure to take care of your condoms. American fashion designer, Marc Jacobs, takes it up a notch with his amusing and brightly colored condoms. I’m not quite exactly sure what first sparked his inspiration to expand his brand onto this turf, but I’m sure of the message he is trying to .