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personalised erotic books - She Is Nerdy - Nailed for a good book

The Perfect Present: Personalized Birthday Books for Adults. From quirky manuals and ‘how-to’ guides for newlyweds, to newspaper books for anniversaries and nostalgic treasures from childhood, you’ll have no problem finding something for any celebration, especially with personalized birthday books for adults. For a fantastic and unique gift for your special loved one, U Star Novels is a website that lets you personalise your own steamy and erotic romance novel. You simply have to answer a few questions once you’ve decided on the right novel - we need to know nicknames, eye colour, favourite food, music, perfume, lingerie colour etc.

Our Hottest Personalized Romance Books All (27) Romantic Hot Paranormal Humor Sports Same-Sex. Turn up the heat with these hot personalized romance book selections - romantic but with a little extra sizzle. These customized books have Book By You's highest chili pepper rating. Personalized Romance Novels 'Blood Lust', a vampire romance book for adults sees our leading couple drawn into an electrifying underworld of sex, magic $ 'English Encounters' sees our leading couple embark on an intensely exciting role-playing game.